We understand that resources – both human and financial – are tight and that investment in recruitment services must add value to the process.  We know that consultation and consensus can be key.  We know that not every candidate, even when they meet the technical qualifications, has what it takes be successful in the not for profit world.  And we know where and how to find leading candidates.

Human Resources

In the non-profit sector – perhaps more than any other – effective management of HR issues is vital.  Most non-profits run lean and need a team that fires on all cylinders in order to advance the mission. Effective, proactive human resources management is as much about preserving the bottom-line as it is about creating an engaged, productive workforce.  Yet many organizations have no qualified HR advisor on staff.  We act as your ‘On Call’ HR department, offering counsel and support with the full cycle of Human Resources.

Stakeholder Relations

Volunteers are the backbone of not-for-profit organizations, from the front lines to the boardroom table.  They bring passion, commitment, expertise… and add a unique layer of complexity to management decision-making.  The right decisions are often difficult to communicate, yet missing an opportunity to engage your volunteers can taint a decision before it’s even made. We use our expertise in public relations and communications to help our clients maximize critical relationships with volunteers, Board members and supporters.