Change Management

It’s true that change is the only constant.  Shifting economic, political and competitive conditions mean that not-for-profits must execute  organization changes – sometimes fundamental – to survive and thrive.  Often the ‘Why’ is clear, the ‘What, Why and How’ less so.  When planned and executed well, change can strengthen your organization and inspire confidence from staff and volunteers.  Poorly executed change can result in employees feeling disengaged.

We facilitate your change process, with special emphasis on effective communications to garner understanding and buy-in from employees and volunteers.

                              “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

Benjamin Franklin


Case Study

A large health charity is struggling to maintain net revenue contribution to the mission.  Despite a prominent cause, sophisticated systems infrastructure and widespread community presence, revenue targets are consistently being missed.  Staff are organized in traditional functional lines and due to the revenue pressures staff at all levels have become hyper-focused on their functions.  There is little information sharing and staff generally feel they receive poor ‘internal customer service’. It’s clear that the organization structure is not amenable to effective teamwork, information sharing, innovation and it’s badly hurting the organization’s fund development capacity.

You know the status quo no longer works, but how do you assess the alternatives?  What role do staff and management play in planning?  And when it’s time to make changes, how do you engage your people so as to create confidence and excitement, rather than fear and confusion?

During my 6-year tenure as Vice President at the Canadian Diabetes Association, I relied heavily on Graeme’s expertise in the areas of strategic people planning, revitalization and restructuring, and employee relations. Graeme is a strategic and innovative people leader, and he is a real pleasure to work and partner with!

Colleen Mulholland – Executive Director, Burlington Community Foundation