We understand that resources – both human and financial – are tight and that investment in recruitment services must add value to the process.  We know that consultation and consensus can be key.  We know that not every candidate, even when they meet the technical qualifications, has what it takes be successful in the not for profit world.  And we know where and how to find leading candidates.

We have a track record of success in filling specialized, as well as senior leadership positions.  We have successfully helped clients hire the following positions:

  •  Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President, Research and Professional Education
  • Vice President, Business Operations
  • Directors of Fund Development and Communications
  • Director of Programs
  • Director of Marquee Events
  • Executive Directors
  • Regional Directors
  • Marketing & Communications Managers
  • Human Resources Advisors
  • Development Officers (Corporate and Major Gifts)
  • Finance Managers
  • Administrative & Executive Assistants
  • Business Systems Programmers and Analysts

Case Study

A membership-based professional association needs to hire a Managing Editor to oversee professional education materials and coordinate various volunteer editorial committees and content providers.  The ideal candidate requires, as well as the prerequisite editorial and production skills, expertise in the association’s field and the ability to monetize the products.  There are differing views between management and the committees about the degree of volunteer involvement in the hiring process.

A highly specialized position, a narrow budget, an opportunity to engage volunteers (or disaffect them)… Where will you find this person?  And what kind of process will engage your volunteers in a way that is both meaningful and clearly delineates responsibilities?

Graeme did a terrific job in providing me with a positive and supportive recruitment experience when he lead the search that resulted in my joining the Canadian Diabetes Association.  He also ensured my orientation to the organization was helpful and meaningful. While working together he provided guidance on several staffing issues to ensure the best possible outcomes for the employees, the organization and impacted supervisors. Graeme was the consummate professional.

Sylvia Leonard – Vice President, Programs and Services, MS Society of Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Graeme, most notably successfully recruiting a professional education position which had a unique and complex set of skills and requirements.  We involved our professional stakeholders in the screening and interview processes, which presented both challenges and opportunities. Graeme added tremendous value by seeking to understand critical success factors and bringing an appropriate level of professional expertise and authority which enabled us to hire the right candidate.  Navigating the hire of this position, and positively engaging our stakeholders  continues to be regarded  positively.  Any organization or professional that chooses to work with Graeme will be duly impressed.

Carolyn Gall Casey – Director, Professional Education, Canadian Diabetes Association

Our Methodology

 Gaining Deep Understanding

A job description only tells half the story.  In order to source, screen and engage the best candidates, we conduct a ‘Hiring Needs Analysis’.  This meeting informs our sourcing strategy and enriches candidate screening, by zeroing in on the needs that are not expressed in the job description:  What are the Must Haves and the Nice to Haves?  What are the expectations in the first six months?  What kind of person works (or doesn’t work) well in the team?  What are the career progression opportunities?

 Develop and Execute Sourcing Strategy

A sourcing strategy  targets the most qualified candidates for your role.  This may include direct sourcing, social media scan, professional Associations, print advertisements or general career sites, depending on the position.  The strategy includes a timeline to hire and projected budget to add accuracy to your financial planning.  The strategy is presented for your approval before commencing a search.  Upon your approval we proceed with sourcing and pre-qualification of candidates.

 Ongoing Progress Reports

We provide weekly status reports and are available to answer your questions 24/7.  We do not simply present a cache of résumés, but rather develop a profile for each candidate that summarize their relevant experience, designations and affiliations, motivation for applying and compensation expectations, plus any concerns or other relevant information.   These statements take the interpretation out of screening résumés and add defensibility to your hiring decision.

Candidate Interviews

We coordinate your in-person interviews, thoroughly briefing candidates and preparing your hiring panel with a custom interview structure – using behavioural, situational and probing questions – that allows you to assess the candidates in detail and make the right selection.

 Reference/Background Checking and Closing Off

We check references using a consistent, thorough structure and will also probe referees based on any particular themes or concerns that you identify in the interviews.  We can also provide background checking for criminal records, education verification and psychometric testing.  We recognize that your brand reputation is critical and current candidates may be future clients, volunteers or donors.  For that reason, we also contact every applicant to respectfully advise when the process is closed.