Stakeholder Relations

Volunteers are the backbone of not-for-profit organizations, from the front lines to the boardroom table.  They bring passion, commitment, expertise… and add a unique layer of complexity to management decision-making.  The right decisions are often difficult to communicate, yet missing an opportunity to engage your volunteers can taint a decision before it’s even made. We use our expertise in public relations and communications to help our clients maximize critical relationships with volunteers, Board members and supporters.

When does consulting volunteers add value?  How do you delineate between management purview and volunteers’ need to know information?  And how do you engage volunteers in those strategic decisions that need to be made?  We provide the following:

  •  Communications Strategies
  •  Position Statements
  •  Presentations

Case Study

A charity that provides youth summer camps is affected by a revised RCMP position on Vulnerable Sector Checking, compelling them to subject senior medical volunteers to additional onerous checks.  One senior volunteer is vocally disgruntled by what he feels is inconvenient, insulting and redundant, since he is licensed to practice by his accrediting body.  He wants the organization to forego the additional checks, or he will withdraw his commitment to volunteering.  The relationship between the staff lead and volunteer is strained and the organization’s ability to run the seasons camp is in jeopardy.

An irate leadership volunteer, a dysfunctional relationship, a federal police directive and vulnerable children waiting for camp…  How will you balance retaining your senior volunteer and managing your risk?